Enrollment for Online Summer Courses 2021

In order to meet the needs of international students, ICCS continues to offer Chinese summer courses. These courses will be divided into two phases: July and August. Some specific arrangements and requirements are listed as follows:

1. The ways of attending courses: online
2. Time to attend courses:
    Beijing Time: 9:45-11:15 (A.M.) & 1:00-2:30 (P.M.)
    (Some adjustments can be made according to the time difference.)
    Class of July: 2021.7.5-2021.7.30 (from Monday to Friday)
    Class of August: 2021.8.2-2021.8.27 (from Monday to Friday)
3. Class schedule:
4 weeks/period; 20 classes/week
    Free 4 times of online cultural classes for each period, Chinese corner, paper cutting, Chinese songs
learning and one cultural lecture. 
4. Levels for courses:
    Elementary, intermediate and advanced level
5. Application fee: RMB 400
6. Tuition fee:
    RMB 3000/ period (Free textbook, Students who continue to study in August after finishing
the course of July will have a discount of RMB 400.)
7. Deadline of Registration:
    Class of July: 2021.6.28
    Class of August: 2021.7.26
8. Application materials:
    Application form, passport-copy, final diploma (e-version) and one photo (passport-size)
9. How to apply?
    Please dial the number: +86-21-6432-2824,  +86-21-6432-2452
                   8:00-11:00  13:00-17:00  (From Monday to Friday, Beijing time)
    E-mail: iccs@shnu.edu.cn

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